Asset Management - Data Collection Pilot

The Department of Municipal Affairs is developing a Province-wide Asset Management approach to support Municipalities with their infrastructure planning efforts and lay a foundation for making informed, evidence-based decisions to manage infrastructure risks.  As a result, the Provincial approach is focused on working collaboratively with Municipalities to leverage similarities across the Province, as well as achieve economies of scale by incorporating similar processes where possible.


One current initiative underway to support Municipalities in collecting, assessing and maintaining relevant infrastructure information is the Provincial Pilot Project that was launched by the Department this past Spring.  The scope of the Provincial Pilot currently includes linear assets (which consist of infrastructure related to water pipes, sewer lines, roads, sidewalks and trails, etc.)

Ultimately, the outcomes of the Provincial Pilot Project are intended to support the development of a standardized methodology for collecting data and assessing the condition of assets, incorporating lessons learned as well as industry best practices.

An associated asset inventory guide is also expected to be completed this Winter to assist all Nova Scotian Municipalities (regardless of size or capacity) with developing a solid foundation to support ongoing infrastructure planning efforts.

Council of the Town of Lockeport is pleased to announce that our Town has been chosen as one of the Communities to be included in this Provincial Pilot Project

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