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The Town of Lockeport is located on the southeastern coast of Shelburne County.  It comprises of an island and a mainland strip joined by a causeway which runs the length of Crescent Beach (immortalized on the back of the former $50 bill).

Historically, Lockeport was part of the area known as Ragged Islands which spanned from East Green Harbour to Little Harbour.  The area was first settled around 1760-61 by settlers from the New England States.  Among the first to arrive were Josiah Churchill and Jonathan Locke, M.D.  During the 1800's the area flourished with a booming West Indies trade and a thriving fishery.  Towards the end of the 19th century Lockeport also prospered with strong tourist business.

Today, the main industry is the fishery; however, the memory of the bygone days of sail and trade is kept alive through the preservation of the homes which stand as a legacy from that era.

The original settlers of Lockeport, which was known for a long time as Ragged Islands, were Dr. Jonathan Locke of Chillmark, Mass., and Josiah Churchill who arrived here in approximately 1761.  Their purpose was to select the spot best suited with regard to the fishing grounds.  Lockeport was incorporated in 1907.  Lockeport soon became one of the wealthiest places in the Province from the success of these early settlers in the fishing industry.  Our famous Crescent Beach gives Lockeport a distinctive charm.  The beach stretches from within a stone's throw of the Town, a crescent of a mile or more of hard white sand with the clean surf curling in from the Atlantic.  This beach was featured on the back of the 1954 Canadian fifty dollar bill.  A stroll across the first and second beaches ends in a natural resting spot known as Ginger Hill.  Nestled at the foot of this spectacular lookout are eight cozy tourist cottages ( Seaside Cottages) and on the Eastern end of the beach there are an additional six cottages (Ocean Mist Cottages).  After a refreshing dip in the icy Atlantic drop by the Crescent Beach Centrefor information on Lockeport and the surrounding areas.  We have a wonderful boardwalk and walking trail that provides a safe  and wheelchair accessible tour of our beautiful little Town.  You can leave your car parked at the Beach Centre if you like, pick up the boardwalk just across the street, make your way into Town, visit all the sites, continue across the walking trail (former CN Rail), experience the vantage point that we get to enjoy daily by following the Brighton Road and find yourself right back to the Crescent Beach Centre again. 

Lockeport is home to Nova Scotia's first Provincially Registered Streetscape. It includes five historic homes which are situated at the lower end of South Street and overlooking Lockeport Harbour.  The architecture of the homes includes Colonial, Georgian and Victorian.

museum frontA visit to Lockeport would not be complete without stopping by the Little School Museum which houses artifacts from days gone by.  Stop by and have a chat with our staff.  They will do whatever they can to assist you with your interests.

All amenities, including Recreation facilities, Post Office, pharmacy, grocery stores, hair salons, hardware store, gift shops, garage, medical services and churches are within walking distance of overnight facilities.  Enjoy the unique shopping experience that has made Lockeport so special.  Family oriented restaurants serve home style meals with a side order of Lockeport hospitality.  Lockeport is also home to several fish processing plants and lobster pounds.  A walk about of this picturesque fishing village is a must to witness nature at it's finest.  There are several historic murals throughout Town that will give you an idea of the changes Lockeport has experienced over the years.  A "Widow's Walk" Look-Off on Crest Street provides an excellent view of Carter's Light and the Waterfront.  Binoculars are located here and if it is your lucky day you may get to see fishermen at work or even some ocean wildlife.  Visit Lockeport and experience the South Shore hospitality that keeps visitors returning year after year.

"Come for a visit, stay for a lifetime"

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P.O. Box 189 - 26 North Street
Nova Scotia, Canada

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