By-Laws & Policies


Ball By-Law #29

Building By-Law #101

Candidates Deposit By-Law #35

Civic Addressing By-Law #106

Close Portion of Beech Street By-Law #27

Close Portion of Spruce Street By-Law #30

Close Portion of Water Street By-Law #34

Deed Transfer Tax By-Law #2006-01

Dog By-Law #15

Emergency Management Response By-Law #104

Heritage By-Law #37

Installment Billing By-Law

Minimum Maintenance & Occupancy By-Law #33

Open Air Fires By-Law

Prevention of Disorder By-Law

Prohibiting Disturbance By-Law #31

Public Sewer By-Law #36

Ratepayers Meetings By-Law

Recreation Committee By-Law #32

Subdivision By-Law

Vending By-Law


Committee of the Whole Policy

Deputy Mayor Policy

Healthy Eating Policy

Citizen Advisory Committees Policy

Duties of the Mayor Policy

Council Code of Conduct Policy

By-Law Development Policy

Travel Policy

Credit Card Policy

Hiring Policy

Use of Town Facilities Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Returning Officer Policy

Community Grants Policy

Annual Conferences Policy

Policy Adoption Procedure Policy

Years of Service Awards Policy

Storm Days Policy  

Interest on Overpaid Taxes Policy

Sun Safety Policy

Council Meetings & Proceedings Policy 

Dangerous or Unsightly Premises Policy 

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy 

Personal Leave of Absence Without Pay Policy 

Tree Inspection and Removal Policy 

Dogs in Town Owned Fenced Playing Fields Policy 

Procurement Policy  

Community Event Prohibited Vending Policy

Play Park Season Policy

Town Office Hours- Monday to Friday

8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Phone (902) 656-2216

Fax (902) 656-2935

P.O. Box 189 - 26 North Street
Nova Scotia, Canada

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